About Me

I’m Rochelle Gridley, an under-employed librarian obsessed with books and history. Since my part time job does not keep me fully occupied I maintain three websites and volunteer at my local history museum. I especially enjoy following local history in Bloomington, IL. I have two other websites/blogs — one about the history of the neighborhood where I live — http://rochellegridley.wix.com/foundgrovemaphistory and another about all the great women from Bloomington IL who enlisted to work with the armed forces during World War II. http://www.womencalledtoaction.wordpress.com.

The greatest writer to ever live was Jane Austen, hands down, no debate. I adore her. The second greatest, Charles Dickens. His characters are comic, tragic, frightening and lovable.

I read almost every kind of book there is — mystery, classics, narrative non-fiction, “literary” fiction, historical, and even a little science fiction. Books by non-American authors are especially interesting to me because I love a sense of place in books and the thrill of looking at life in another culture. I don’t read romance (any more), religious/inspirational or manga.

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