At the Edge of the Orchard, Tracy Chevalier

orchardChevalier has done it again. She has explored yet another historical period and place and made it live for the reader. She uses the voices of various characters, as well as an epistolary section to evoke the time, mood and desperation of a people up against a vast continent with nothing but their bare hands and wits to save them.

If you loved Remarkable Creatures, this book once again explores the natural world, drawing on the history of trees, drawing you into a world where ideas about science prevail.

If you loved Girl with a Pearl Earring for the way she made you feel as if you were walking on a cobblestoned street in Holland or sleeping in a damp cellar in the age of the great masters of painting, she takes you to the frontier of America, where you can smell the earth, feel the desperation of people at the end of their tether and smell the defeat of a woman dragged by her own refusal to submit.

Do not miss this book. It is a gem.

I received this book as an advanced copy from Edelweiss.

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