Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn

There was really no reason for Gillian Flynn to wait for a bestseller until she wrote Gone Girl. Sharp Objects is a great thriller with a prickly protagonist with a troubled past and bad family relations. Camille Preaker is a journalist for a small paper in Chicago who is sent to her hometown to cover the murder of a young girl in the hopes of rescuing the paper from an almost inevitable doom. Camille is not flush with cash, so is forced to ask her mother for bed and board while she is investigating the story. Set in a red neck, hick Missouri town where conformity is the rule and the social strata is more rigid than a royal genealogy, Camille must face down her own demons and break the story without the help of the local police.

Why I like this book:

  1. Camille is a complex heroine and not taking any *&^% from anyone.
  2. The mood is menacing.
  3. Missouri laid bare in all its hickdom.

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